Open-Source Projects

Python Local Network Server

By far, the biggest and best program that I have made. This program allows for any windows computer on your local network to connect to a server. With this connection, the server can distinguish and properly organize the different computers that have are connected to it. The clients and the server interact by sending files messages as well as backing up specific folders.

Website Watcher

My first python GUI application using PyQt. For this one I gave myself a challenge. In one day, I want to create a simple to use program that allows the user to select any number of websites to monitor. The programs monitors the website by making sure it is always active. The biggest accomplishment of the program though is the customization. The user easily can select which emails get notified, what the sending message will be, how often the website is check and from what email the notification is sent. I am more then happy of the results.

Convert CSV

Convert CSV is a powerful python program which allows users to quickly modify large datasets. Modifying these datasets includes removing and adding rows. Removing and adding columns as well. Removing duplicate rows and renaming rows as well as columns. All of these modifications can easily be done through a interactive GUI. Feel free to expirement with this program and let me know what you love about it and what needs to be modified. Many upates to come!

Auto Audit

Auto Audit is a simple python program which allows users to automatically gain any amount of information of a computer and store it into a CSV file. Even though the program may seem finished. Many features are still missing to make this software much more easy to use!


As the name suggests. This python program grabs any email, extracts the desired parts and sends an SMS message to you. This program is still in developement. However when complete, it will have a full GUI which will let anybody easily manipulate the variables to be extracted as well as which number to send to!